Blender 4.0.2

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Created By: Blender Foundation

Version: 4.0.2

License Type: freeware

Blender Offline Installer, a free and open-source 3D creation package, may be downloaded for Windows computers. Modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, motion tracking, and even video editing and game development are all supported across the 3D pipeline.

An overview of the blender

The Blender Foundation’s most recent release is called Blender. Blender is an open-source program that lets you make many kinds of 2D and 3D models. Professional modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, and post-processing tools are contained within.

It is a complete 3D modeling and animation application, with an interface that is less complicated than it first appears, free, and extremely effective companion programs. The renderings of the products are remarkable, even achieving realistic appearances.

By understanding how to use each tool effectively, you may complement and facilitate your production work, increase your expertise, and make design chores easier with Blender’s huge library and online 3D files.

Blender Features


Instantaneous viewport preview

rendering on the CPU and GPU

Support for HDR lighting and PBR shaders

VR rendering assistance

Complete N-Gon support Bridge fill, grid, inset, edge slide, and more

sophisticated sculpting brushes and equipment

Both dynamic and multi-resolution subdivision

Using textured brushes and masking in 3D painting

Python programming for specialized tools and accessories

Tracking both automatically and manually

robust reconstruction of the camera

Real-time preview of your 3D scene and tracked footage

Planar tracking and tripod solver support

Skeletons, envelopes, and automated skinning

Interpolated bones using B-spline

Dope sheets and a curve editor

Personalized bone forms for quick input

synchronization of sounds

Integrate 2D and 3D directly within the viewer.

Complete Support for Animation Using Onion Skinning

Colors & Layers for Fill & Stroke

Parent to 3D objects and sculpt brushstrokes


System specifications and technical information


Full HD monitor; Windows 11/10/8.1/7 64-bit; quad-core CPU; 8 GB RAM

Three-button mouse graphics that support OpenGL 3.2 and two gigabytes of RAM



318 mb

Direct Download

Password Unzip: 123

Created By: Blender Foundation

Version: 4.0.2

License Type: freeware