DecSoft App Builder 2024.14

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Created By: DecSoft

Version: 2024.14

License Type: full_version

DecSoft’s Free Download App Builder is a sophisticated, user-friendly software tool designed to assist individuals in creating HTML5 apps, even if they don’t have extensive experience in the industry. Users are not obliged to write any code, if they choose not to.

An overview of DecSoft App Builder

With the help of App Builder, a comprehensive visual development environment for Microsoft Windows, we can construct HTML5 apps, WebApps, Progressive WebApps, WebExtensions, and hybrid apps for desktop and mobile devices—all without the need for programming knowledge.

We have access to dozens of visible and non-visual controls using App Builder. With ready-to-use controls such as push buttons, text inputs, HTTP clients, timers, and many more, we can simply add it into the application designer.

The ability of DecSoft’s App Builder apps to function on practically all platforms with a single codebase is one of its distinctive features. With no additional dependencies, DecSoft’s fantastic software generates HTML5 apps, Progressive Web Apps, and WebExtensions that are compatible with all current desktop and mobile browsers.

We can publish our apps on Android, iOS, Windows 10, and other platforms because of the App Builder’s interface with Apache Cordova. utilizing a single code base for everything!

Program features


Make apps with HTML5.

Make apps that are hybrid.

Make web applications

Develop Web apps that are progressive.

Make Web Extensions

configuration file for Cordova

Windows batch files

UNIX shell files; Apache Cordova icon sets

A Flash for Apache Cordova

Configure the Apache Cordova build.


System Requirements for DecSoft App Builder: Minimum hardware and software requirements must be met by desktops running Microsoft Windows.

Hardware Conditions


64-bit dual-core processor

20 gigabytes of RAM

Internal storage up to 24 GB: Kony 4GB for the visualizer

2GB for the Android SDK

4GB of Windows SDK

Plenty of room for several intricate projects

Card with network interface


Software Conditions


8.1, Windows 7, 10, Windows 11, or Windows 10



206 mb

Direct Download

Password Unzip: 123

Created By: DecSoft

Version: 2024.14

License Type: full_version