macOS Sonoma 14.4 (23E214) (Image for VMWare)

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Created By: Apple

Version: 14.4 (23E214)

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For Windows computers, download macOS Sonoma (Image for VMware) for free. Most customers choose to utilize a virtual machine like VMware Workstation in order to test macOS Sonoma on their PC. It provides the functionality of a real computer by emulating or virtualizing the computer system, which is based on computer architecture.

A summary of macOS Sonoma (VMWare image)

Apple’s most recent Mac operating system is called macOS Sonoma. It incorporates numerous new features to improve the user experience while expanding upon the framework created by its predecessor, macOS Ventura. These features are intended to improve the effectiveness and enjoyment of your everyday computing work, regardless of your level of experience.

Widgets for Desktop

This software’s ability to add desktop widgets to your Mac, which offer rapid access to important information, is one of its best features. Widgets can be configured, and to reduce distractions, you can also set them to fade into the background. Furthermore, let’s say you are using the same Wi-Fi network or have an iPhone close by. If so, you can easily incorporate widgets from your iPhone, increasing the number of widgets and useful data that are available to you.

Profiles for Safari

Safari profiles provide a welcome option for people who use their Mac for both personal and professional tasks. You can design distinct environments using these profiles for different uses, like work and play. For each client, freelancers can even make unique profiles. Moreover, Focus modes make it simple to transition between profiles, guaranteeing that your browser configuration is optimized for the work at hand.

Web Apps for Safari

It presents a workable fix for the issue of having too many open tabs in your web browser. Streamline your surfing experience by using Safari’s web app creation feature. Click the share icon on a website you use often, then select “Add to Dock.” This turns the webpage into a little app that runs in the dock. No more disorganized address bars or tabs. You can locate them in your Applications folder if you’d like to access them without the dock.

Sharing of Passwords and Passkeys

With the new password and passkey sharing tool, exchanging passwords is now easier than ever. Establish groups and decide which passwords to exchange to guarantee that updates are sent out over iCloud Keychain without a hitch. Additionally, you are always free to change or remove people or passwords from the group. Managing shared accounts is made easy and collaboration is streamlined by this feature.

Fresh Screen Savers

Screen savers can improve the visual attractiveness of your computer even though they are not necessary. It presents a selection of new slow-motion screen savers, featuring Earth photos, aquatic vistas, cityscapes, and landscapes. These screen savers not only set a mood when you come into your Mac, but they are also visually appealing.

New Features for Video Conferences

With the growing popularity of video conferencing, macOS Sonoma expands the functionality of well-known applications such as FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype. With Presenter Overlay, you may share your screen and move around the presentation as a floating circle or in front of the shared content. Fun is also added to your video calls with additional reactions like hearts, confetti, and thumbs up.

Better Personal Web Surfing

Using Safari’s private browsing feature guarantees that your online activities stay anonymous and untracked. This app improves the security of private browsing and adds an additional layer of privacy by having Safari lock private browsing windows when you leave your Mac.

Improved Predictive and Autocorrect Text

Now that corrected words are momentarily underlined, you can quickly identify edits and go back to your original content with a single click. Furthermore, by automatically finishing sentences when you hit the space bar, inline predictive text makes typing easier and more natural.

Switch to Game Mode

The new Game Mode will be well-liked among gamers. This function minimizes background processes and improves latency for controllers and headphones while making the best use of the CPU and GPU. Better responsiveness as a result makes for a more engaging game experience.

Better Speech Recognition

It adds a useful functionality from iOS and iPadOS to the Mac for folks who want to dictate text. Now that you can dictate and type at the same time, you can make adjustments on the fly. This function might persuade you to give dictation a go if you haven’t already, which might expedite the process of writing texts.

System prerequisites


The user’s password is 123qwe for VMware Workstation Player versions 16.2.5, 17.0.1, or higher.

Intel Coffee Lake 8th generation or later with 90GB SSD and 10GB of RAM


In summary

Mac users’ experiences will be completely transformed by macOS Sonoma’s innovative new features. This operating system promises to meet a wide range of user needs, from the gaming and video conferencing improvements to the desktop widget ease. Mac users may look forward to exploring these capabilities and boosting their enjoyment and productivity in the digital environment as fall approaches. With the use of this software, Apple is able to further enhance the Mac experience while meeting the needs of a diverse user base with creative fixes and enhancements.


20.0 gb

Torrent Download

Password Unzip: 123

Created By: Apple

Version: 14.4 (23E214)

License Type: full_version