Stefan Trost File Renamer 24.3.11

6.1 mb

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Password Unzip: 123

Created By: Stefan Trost

Version: 24.3.11

License Type: freeware

Stefan Trost File Renamer for Windows PC can be downloaded for free. It is a flexible utility for renaming files and folders. It simplifies the procedure by enabling you to rename several files or directories at once.

Summary of the Renamer for Stefan Trost File

It can be a pain to rename files and folders, particularly when handling a big quantity of them. It can be laborious and time-consuming to manually edit the names of each file one by one, then repeat the procedure for the following set of files. But this program makes this work easier.

With the use of checkboxes, users may quickly activate or disable the tool’s many choices and features. Among the salient characteristics are:

Rewrite, Replace, Delete, and Insert Write something

You can change text in file and folder names with the app. Text can be found and replaced, removed, or added at any position. In addition, you can truncate a given amount of characters, trim names to a desired length, and attach text to the beginning or end of names.

Editing Character Groups

Certain character groups, such spaces, periods, hyphens, underscores, particular letter kinds, numerals, or special characters, can be removed or replaced. It also provides choices to change the writing style of file names, such as capitalizing the first letter of each word, changing to uppercase or lowercase, and more.

Regular Expressions with Support for Unicode

You may work with a variety of character sets, including Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Chinese, and unique symbols, because it fully supports Unicode. Regular expressions are also supported, giving you more options when searching for and replacing text or modifying file and folder names.

Participants and Assets

With the program, you can easily incorporate dynamic information into file names by using placeholders in text input boxes. The previous file name, file extension, folder names inside the file path, the current date, and more can all be replaced with placeholders. This capability comes in particularly useful for automating repetitive data-related operations.

Indexing Documents and Folders

It provides a lot of features and choices for automatically numbering files and folders in a sequential manner. Placeholders can be used to specify starting values, increments, and the number of leading zeros in dynamic numbering. This guarantees that the file numbers follow your own set of guidelines.

Adjustment of Numbers

It has the ability to increase or decrease numbers in file names by a given value if necessary. Additionally, you can alter some digits in a file name while keeping the others the same.

Renaming Using a Mask

With the program, you may use masks to create new file names dynamically. These masks generate personalized file names by combining text elements and placeholders. You could, for instance, make a mask that appends to each file name the file number and the total number of files enclosed in brackets.

Modifying the File Extension and Name

The majority of the tool’s settings and features can be applied separately to file names and extensions. When necessary, this flexibility lets you modify just a portion of the file name, such as modifying the text without affecting the file extension.

Functions of Preview and Undo

It displays a preview of your files and folders following renaming. You may verify that your settings are accurate and that you are happy with the outcome with this real-time preview. The program has an undo feature that allows you to gradually undo changes if you make a mistake.

Alterations to File Dates and Attributes

It can change properties for files and folders in addition to renaming them. It is possible to modify properties such as “read-only,” “hidden,” and “hidden file extension.” You can also change the last access, last edit, and creation dates.

No Change to File Content: Crucially, the utility simply modifies the names and properties of files and folders; the content of your files stays unaltered. In order to eliminate naming conflicts, it can automatically number files and prohibit overwriting already-existing files with the same name.

System prerequisites


Running System: Windows 10, 11, 8, 7, 8.1, and 8

Processor: AMD or Xeon, multicore Intel Series or higher comparable

RAM: 1 GB; 2 GB or more is advised.

Free Hard Drive Space: It is advised to have 100MB or more


In summary

Renaming files and folders is made easier with the robust and intuitive Stefan Trost File Renamer utility. This program can handle sophisticated text manipulations, dynamic numbering, and basic text modifications. It expedites the entire process and saves important time with features like placeholders, masks, and real-time previews.


6.1 mb

Direct Download

Password Unzip: 123

Created By: Stefan Trost

Version: 24.3.11

License Type: freeware