Windows 10 Pro Ninjutsu

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Version: 2.0 v2004 Build 19041

License Type: full_version

Get Windows 10 Pro Ninjutsu ISO Torrent for free. Ninjutsu is a Windows-based penetration testing and red teaming distribution that specializes in Android penetration testing, penetration testing, and red teaming.

An overview of Ninjutsu Windows 10 Pro

In addition to a comprehensive portable toolkit for security professionals, it comes with pre-installed and configured Android Pentesting Integrated Environmental, Additionally, to increase your anonymity and performance, disable the collecting services and apps in Windows 10 to safeguard your privacy.

Updates/Adds Tools (What’s New): Control & Command


Concord at LocalXpose Quasar Munich


Information Acquisition


RedRabbit, RedRabbit, URLcrazy, and Ripper


Attacks against Web Applications



sslyze ffuf

Burpsuite droopescan intelligence

SSRFmap Scrawlr sqlmap




enhancedcap netscan


Attacks using Passwords


thc-hydra Inveigh


An analysis of vulnerabilities


The Sharp-Suite


Tools of Exploitation


Mimikatz EvilClippy




Lumen Shut Up 10 Private 8-ddos


Tools for Evading Antiviruses




Reverse Engineering:


AntiTamperKiller and AntiTamper Remover for Dotnet

msi_extractor-v1.6.3 Unpacker; DotNET Tracer; ExtremeDumper; StringDecryptor; ConfuserEx AntiDump Fixer; Kripto v1.0 Deobfuscator; MegaDumper; Universal_Fixer; Universal_Fixer_NoFuser3; Extractor; InnoExtractor; InstallShield_Extractor; LFS_Extractor;


Aspack De4dot mystery

Trial Reset for Multi_unpack PECompact Telock v0.98 upx Exe2Aut v0.11




Preview of Windows Terminal Powershell

Bandizip, CCleaner, ShareX, YogaDNS, Tor Browser, and Comodo Security




Red Teaming, Android Security Testing, and Windows 10 Pre-Installed Penetration Testing Integrated Environment.

over 800 tools for penetration testing.

Open source and free tools.

gets the commandline filled in.

a terminal with a lot of practical features.

Windows 10 can be customized with strong tweaking and optimization.

To safeguard your privacy, modify and personalize Windows 10.

Turn off a lot of the obnoxious Windows features.

Removal of unwanted Windows components.

Disable or remove a lot of Windows services and apps.


General Information


Version of OS: Windows 10 Pro

Construction: 19041

Dimensions: 20 GB



20 gb

Torrent Download

Password Unzip: 123

Created By: Creator

Version: 2.0 v2004 Build 19041

License Type: full_version